Special Offers

Special offers on all ESAB & Parweld welding machines.

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On-site Machine Repair

We are also able to offer on-site repair of welding machines.

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Rotabroach Magnetic Drills

home_slice_01We are thrilled to now be stockists of Rotabroach Electrical Magnetic Drills.

Rotabroach runs an extensive quality program, using state-of-the-art technology and testing equipment and are ISO 9001 certified

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Electrical Magnetic Drills

Element 30 Element 40 Adder
Falcon Cobra Scorpion
Falcon Cobra Scorpion
Lynx Puma Panther

In addition, we are also able to supply Rotabroach’s full range of Cutters.


M2_high_speed M42 TCT Series
M2 High Speed Cutters M42 High Speed Cutters TCT Series Cutters
Twist Drills TCTRail-25mm Hole Saws
Twist Drills TCT Rail Series Hole Saws