Special Offers

Special offers on all ESAB & Parweld welding machines.

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On-site Machine Repair

We are also able to offer on-site repair of welding machines.

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Lincoln Electric Consumables

Whatever your welding and cutting-related needs, Lincoln Electric has you covered – with industry-leading stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, engine-driven welders, plasma cutting systems, wire feeders, welding consumables, fume extraction (environmental) systems and welding automation (robotic) systems.

We are able to supply the following consumable ranges from Lincoln Electric

For mild and low alloy steel welding applications. Features cellulosic, rutile and low hydrogen coating types.

Starts with the highest quality steel and produces a high level of consistency, feedability and arc performance.

Cut lengths range designed to provide optimal bead appearance when TIG welding on a variety of steel grades.


Combine high productivity and smooth bead appearance.


Contains a variety of fluxes and wires that can be paired together to meet any industry specific welding requirement.

Designed specifically for in-plant and cross country pipe welding. This group of products is lot controlled and tested..

Formulated to provide a molten surface contact that supports the weld root and breaks free when the metal cools.

Rods for oxy-acetylene gas welding.