Special Offers

Special offers on all ESAB & Parweld welding machines.

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On-site Machine Repair

We are also able to offer on-site repair of welding machines.

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MUREX Consumables

Murex Welding Products are the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of arc and gas welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables and PPE and welding accessories.

Murex offer a comprehensive range of MIG, TIG and Manual Metal Arc Welding Machines
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Lincoln Electric Consumables

Whatever your welding and cutting-related needs, Lincoln Electric has you covered – with industry-leading stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, engine-driven welders, plasma cutting systems, wire feeders, welding consumables, fume extraction (environmental) systems and welding automation (robotic)
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Bohler Welding Consumables

Advanced Welding Products LTD is able to supply an extensive range of consumables from Bohler. Base metals

BÖHLER WELDING offers the complete range of welding consumables for joint welding, including most weldable metal grades and welding processes.

Mild steel
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