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Special offers on all ESAB & Parweld welding machines.

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On-site Machine Repair

We are also able to offer on-site repair of welding machines.

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ESAB ARC Welding Machines

The latest generation of welding equipment can be programmed with specific process preferences of your individual choice or for the actual welding processes. Based on a solid state power source, it weighs just 1/80 of the 70 year old
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Lincoln Electric ARC Welding Machines

Whatever your welding and cutting-related needs, Lincoln Electric has you covered – with industry-leading stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, engine-driven welders, plasma cutting systems, wire feeders, welding consumables, fume extraction (environmental) systems and welding automation (robotic) systems.


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Parweld ARC Welding Machines

The Parweld Range of XTI Inverter Machines has been designed and developed utilising the very latest advances in inverter technology.

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Key Products

XTI 160
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